SALT - Company Message
Our Story
The concept of SALT Kitchen and Rum Bar was born with the thought that our industry should not be just about food and beverage. It is about hospitality. It is about inviting people into your home, feeling comfortable and celebrating with great food and delicious drink. That is our driving force. To ensure that you enjoy what we do as much as we enjoy doing it.
What kind of restaurant are we? We consider ourselves a relative of the "Gastro Pub."
Gástrō Pùb noun Brit. a British term for a public house that specializes in serving high-quality food.
ORIGIN 1990s: blend of gastronomy and pub.
So by following that philosphy, we intend to provide creative and elevated "comfort" food, in an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting.
We thought that we would spice things up by highlighting the wonderful world of RUM and it's local history. In addition, we will be featuring approachable wine, hand crafted cocktails and micro brews.
We believe that local is always better. Knowing the farmer that grew our produce or the waters in which our fish came from or the distillers whose rum we feature always make for a better and fresher product whenever possible.
So, join us. Pull up a chair, have a sip of rum and we'll cook you up something good.
 See you soon at SALT.

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